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Content Ninja: The Brief History

On November 1, 2020, I was worried.

The end of my grad school career was only two months away, and with it, the end of my university stipend.

I’d have bills to pay and no income.

Then, on that fateful morning, I started reading about copywriting. As something that combined wordsmithing and marketing, it was the perfect job for a novelist with an MBA. I figured I’d try my hand at it to see if I could cover rent.

I swung for the fences, messaging some of my favorite celebrities on Instagram and offering a free copywriting service for them in exchange for their endorsement of my work. The response rate was surprising.

The amount of them that I signed as clients blew my mind.

After growing a small client list of reality TV stars and athletes, I set up a profile on Upwork to seek more clients. The site was VERY good to me, and soon I signed a billion-dollar CEO and an award-winning small-business consultant as clients.

I was thrilled, but also suddenly I was committed for 70-80 hours of writing a week.

This is the story of what led to Content Ninja, the LLC I started on Christmas of 2020. I’m incredibly blessed to have teamed up with two ROCKSTAR graduates from the University of Tulsa to form a company that delivers content to clients: from celebrities, to thought leaders, to small- and mid-sized businesses.

We provide basically anything: blog posts, newsletters, web copy, web design, graphics, nurture campaigns, email copy, and we even ghost-wrote a book. Every day has been an adventure with lots of awesome new people and assignments.

But now, as I strive to continue growing Content Ninja, I want to help YOU. If you’d be interested in working with my small team to sharpen your content or weaponize your words, I’d love to discuss what that might look like for you.

Send me a message and be sure to check out the website for more about what we do.

Thanks in advance, friends.


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